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Crying at the DISCOTHEQUE. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Hello! [08 Jun 2005|01:22am]

[ mood | happy ]

Just had to come here and let out a *squeeeee!!!*. I'm so happy I found this community... I saw the interests... and it's just like it was my own account :)

I like most kinds of europop, often listen to Alcazar and others. :)

Can you recommend any good europop songs?

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[23 Jan 2005|12:08am]

[ mood | ungodly happy. ]



...all through amsterdam straight to italy
you can feel the beat of a european thing....

(I felt like this was appropriate.)

It takes a fool to remain sane

EUROPOP 101. [04 Oct 2004|09:17pm]

[ mood | EuroPoppy ]

The summer before I started sophomore year, we went on a
family vacation to England for about 3 weeks. We
spent about 2 weeks in London and a week on the
outskirts, doing daytrips to Bath and Stonehenge etc.

But, the crowning acheivement of my life was one night
in London at the Tower Bridge. I was looking down at
the Thames and a cruise ship full of beautiful people
were dancing around to Sonique's "Feels So Good". It
was amazing.

Thus began my love affair with EuroPop

I highly recommend venturing to the The Wonderful, Shiny Swedish World of Alcazar, entering the Media Room and watching the video for "Crying At the Discotheque". It is a real treat.

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[02 Oct 2004|07:54pm]

i joined this shizznitio like the rolling stones would a coke fueled orgy with mars bars on top.
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